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Treaty of Protectorate signed between Portugal and Mona Samba (Capenda)

Flag of the United Kingdom of Lunda Tchokwe

23rd of February 1885 - Carvalho, Henrique AD, pp. 39-43

Having the portuguese expedition, in special mission of the government of his majesty to the Muatianvua, with her consent of Mona Mahango (Mona Samba), her children and all other family member, made to be built next to her ambanza (sic), in the lat. South 8º 27’ and long.

East of Greenwich. 17º 33’ a house of clay walls, from which plans and dimensions are sent copies of to the government of his majesty and to his excellency the counsellor governor general of the province of angola; consent that imported 50 pieces of linen, it will remain therefore this house property of the portuguese state known by the name of “ station of portuguese civilization Costa and Silva”, may on it be established at all time, without any other levies, the mission that the government of his fidelissima majesty may see fit to this end nominate.

To all effects the Chief of this mission it will be considerate by Mona Samba, by Mona Buizo (Mona Cafunfo), by her children, and further members of the family and the peoples, delegate of the general government of angola, in this region, and it will be he who in accord with the two Potentates Mona Samba or Mona Buizo, shall resolve all pending matters that may arise between portugueses and the People under Her dominion, and who it may resolve all those matters that hereby will be stipulated in this Treaty.

The delegate of the general government of angola, when he judges necessary for further development of the mission or for the establishment of new ones, in this or in another locality in the domains of Mona Mahango (Samba) or of Mona Cafunfo (Buizo) it will act to build houses, religious temples, warehouses, administration offices, and any other dependences that for it, it may not need to pay more than the value of one yard of cloth for each 10 square metres of land occupied by the so referred edifications, being the measurements made by the chief of the nearest village with the assistance of the delegate of the government general of angola, and one impunga (representative) of Mona Mahango or of Mona Cafunfo.

The sons and the portuguese subjects born in this region, be what may be the nationality of the mother, as well the slaves by those and by the mission, will be for all effects considerate portugueses and as such baptised and educated in the schools of the missions.

The subjects of Mona Mahango and of Mona Cafunfo, when they be in portuguese land, they will be considerate subjects of his majesty fidelissima, and they will enjoy of the same rights and privileges that his all others enjoy.

The transgressions or crimes practised by portuguese subjects in this region, shall be punished in conformity with the codes of their county and when they are charged with punishment out side of the jurisdiction of the delegate of the government general of angola, he will forward the delinquent under prison arrest, accompanied by the competent edict, to the first portuguese authority to whom he shall be given to be judged as if the crime where committed in portuguese lands.

The delegate of the government general of angola, will have at his disposal the necessary force to maintain its authority, guarantee the security of the peoples and of goods of the colony and of the portuguese stations, to lend to Mona Mhango, Mona Cafunfo, Chiefs of the villages and to its people, all the indispensable assistance in compliance with the clauses that hereby are consigned, and also against the malefactors when that assistance is requested by any one of those two potentates and when those cries for help do not drag with them compromise to the colony and to the portuguese station.

Next to the stations and in any location of the domains considered it can be established portuguese factories, commercial or agricultural, acquiring for that purpose the pretender all the needed licences by the intermediary of the delegate of the general colonial government of angola.

The portuguese subjects that only wish to transit in the lands of Mona Mahango or Mona Cafunfo being in possession of commercial loads, has to pay four pieces of cloth to those who the land belong to: but if its end, be to negotiate for the transit, then it will obtain a special licence for commerce for which will pay two pieces and in any each cases, the villages in which it will have to camp, it will have to pay a piece to the Chief of that village.

If the portuguese subject wishes to establish temporarily (until two months) in any location, in a place of a land it will have to pay the Chief of the Village, two pieces, for six months or a year, and for that aim has to obtain a licence from Mona Samba or Mona Buizo, which in the first case, imports four pieces of cloth and in the second case, in six pieces, apart of the two that it has to pay to the Chief of the Village.

When the resident constructs its house with clay, for him and his factory, which ever it may be the size, may not do it without the license from Mona Mahango or Mona Cafunfo, and this imports in twelfth pieces of cloth, for each of this potentates and three for the Chief of the nearest Village.

The lands for farming will be given gratuitously, but those occupied by what so ever edifications in them encountered shall be subject to what has been now classified.

The licences are obtain in the manner which is been said, by the intervention of the delegate of the government general of angola, and those who within fifteenth days have not yet paid for them, a warning from the same delegate they will be fined in the triple of the value of the licences, remaining 1/3 in the delegation for the expenses that may have to be done and 2/3 given to Mona Mahango or to Mona Cafunfo, to whom it belong.

The pieces of cloth correspond to (0,m90 it is the unity equivalent to a measurement of the indigenous four “beirames”(2,m70) and can be paid with any type of article of equivalent value, when ever the interested parties agree upon.

In regards to His Excellency the Counsellor Governor General of Angola, does not take any resolution, of what here remains agreed upon, and to who ever it may be given this station, it will remain under the vigilance of the merchant .

José António de Vasconcellos, to whom by this means I nominate for the interim period as the Chief of the Portuguese Civilization Station Costa e Silva, and as such he will also remain acting in the functions of Delegate of the government of angola, the same I have already communicated to the distinguished gentlemen.

Civilization Station Costa and Silva, 18 February of 1885.

Extracted from the book of the expedient of the portuguese Expedition to the Muatiânvua N.º 2, which was present to vote of Mona Samba, Dame of Mahango and all her council in her ambanza on the 23rd of February 1885 to which have assisted the portuguese residents in the act that has been made to be raised.

In petition of Mona Samba, Mona Cafunfo, Mona Mucanzo, Mona Candala and Mona Piri.

– Manoel Rodrigues da Cruz.
– José António de Vasconcellos, interim delegate of the government of angola.
– Manoel João Soares Braga.

– In petition of Mona Palanga, Camba Gunza, Cademba, Camba Muzumbo, Xá Muncunguile, CambaTendala e Quicora Sonhi, Garcia Fragoso dos Santos.

– In petition of António Gonçalves Gomes, Joaquim Domingos Tambor.

– G. F. Santos.
- Garcia Fragoso dos Santos.
– Manoel Rodrigues da Cruz.
– Manoel Francisco Melanguni.
– Henrique Augusto Dias de Carvalho, chief of the expedition.
– Agostinho Sisenando Marques.
– Manoel Sertorio de Almeida Aguiar.
– In petition of Augusto Jayme, António Bezerra of Lisbon.
– José Faustino Samuel.


Best Regards,

Impunga Samba Matxaxi
Ambassador of Truth and Goodwill
United Kingdom of Lunda Tchokwe

E-mail: lundatchokwe@gmail.com
Telephone: 44 + 7405270757


The United Kingdom of Lunda Tchokwe borders where defined with the Treaty of the 25 of May 1891, rectified on the 24 of March 1894 and confirmed with the exchange of signatures on the 1 August 1894. The United Kingdom of Lunda Tchokwe is located in the Austral Equatorial Africa.

The United Kingdom of Lunda Tchokwe is proximate in size as Spain the Kingdom of Lunda Tchokwe has an area of 501,922 km2 compared to Spain that has an Area of 505,992 km2.

The Population of the United Kingdom of Lunda Tchokwe is 4,5 Million Citizens (Census of the Lunda Tchokwe Population January 2011).

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Angola soberana.

1 ) Toda a tentativa de sedição do território nacional angolano foi, é e será combatida recorrendo se necessidade à força das armas.

2 ) A evocação de tratados coloniais é um subterfúgio que retira legitimidade àqueles que os evocam.

3 ) Seria legítimo isso sim se, tendo em conta a forma como as riquezas têm sido (mal) distribuídas e exploradas, a nível local houvessem organizações reclamando os seus direitos e das comunidades que representam, conforme está a acontecer na América do Sul, por exemplo.

4 ) O Página Um, que tem pautado pela publicação de artigos em português, galego e castelhano (estes muito raros), publica agora textos em inglês? Porquê a excepção e por quê logo este "tratado"?

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